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Mission >>
K. DASS PHARMA DISTRIBUTORS PVT. LTD. is dedicated in delivering & suppling vital medicines, that enable the Medical stores to provide patients ontime better & safer care. Our mission is to deliver innovative & quality Medical Products in the market used to prevent and cure diseases, & thereby ease suffering and enhance the quality of life.
Vision >>
"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." We have many outstanding companies – you name it we have it.
Business >>
Running our business in a responsible way is fundamental to our success and inseparable from our strategic priorities. Responsibility is vital in all parts of our business and we understand the need to be open about how we are operating. We also understand that transparency is a key factor in building trust with our retailers, principal companies. We have implemented a number of initiatives to achieve the same.
Career >>
Our success depends on the creativity and performance of our associates. K. DASS PHARMA DISTRIBUTORS PVT. LTD. is managed by well-educated & experienced members of the Tulsani Family along with a core team of employees. Our employees are well versed in our day to day relevant procedures and all work entrusted to them is carried out with efficiency and promptness through fully computerised system.


Board Of Directors

  •                    Chairman
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  • Mr.  Shrichand K. Tulsani
  •              Managing Director
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Mr.  Mansukh (Manu) S. Tulsani
  •                    Director
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  • Mr.  Pavan M. Tulsani